need help finishing my paper

I need help with the last 4 pages of my paper. The chosen company that I am researching is Starbucks and the idea that I have is offering millenial students a 10-15% discount at Starbucks locations. Below is the part that I need help with. Attached is my milestone requirements and the paper that I have started.

Section Three: Defining Product or Service Need

How the customer/buyer seeks information to fill the need

How the product is purchased (characterize the buying situation)

Why your chosen target market is the best choice

Section Four: Pricing

Explain the fixed and variable costs

How do these fit with the company’s short- and long-term goals?

Narrative with a table to show calculations for cost categories

Examine competitors’ pricing and explain reasoning for differences

Estimate how much you think the target market is willing to pay for your product/service

Discuss if this is due to preferences for social responsibility, ethical behavior, or other intangibles?

What pricing strategy (skimming, penetration, economy, or premium) appropriate and why?

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