2 page history paper on us history

For this paper you are asked to engage J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye with other course materials – namely lecture and SFA readings. In many ways Holden Caufield represents a growing discontent with 1950


’s “culture of conformity.” How is this so? In answering this you need to discuss the establishment of a post-war


that accounts for this “culture of conformity” and place the Salinger narrative in this context.

In writing this paper you are required to engage readings from SFA as well as lecture materials.It is expected that you will prove proficiency in the course materials and demonstrate the ability to synthesize and analyze these materials in support of your thesis.


  • DO NOT PLAGIARIZE.Please refer to our policy statement on the syllabus concerning academic dishonesty.It is guaranteed that if you plagiarize at the very least you will fail the paper.
  • This paper is to be 2-3 pages in length.Two FULL pages minimum.
  • Use a 12-point font.Make sure there is a one-inch margin on each side.Double space the text and number your pages.
  • You must have a cover page.On this cover page, in the upper left hand side and single spaced, put your name, section number, Paper 1, and date the paper is due.Your name or other identifying information should NOT appear anywhere else on your paper.
  • Staple your paper in the upper left hand corner.WE WILL NOT accept any papers that are not stapled.
  • Your thesis should appear in bold.
  • All sources must come from the materials covered in the class – so no outside sources.
  • Do not use personal pronouns.Do not use contractions.
  • If you fail to follow the above formatting, you will be deducted 0.25 on the final grade.

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