r code time 1


The report should include the following elements.


Introduce the goals of the project, the question that needs to be answered and the methods used in your analysis. Be sure that the goals, questions and methods used fit together, meaning, questions asked reflect the goals and the methods used will answer the questions.


You must use at least 2 methods presented in this course. Explain why your chosen methods were appropriate and the data involved in our analysis. Be as specific as possible.

Analysis (Body of report)

Incorporate the R code and the outputs of the R code. Be sure to add your analysis and interpretation of the output and the significance of the results. Use graphs, figures, charts, and tables to increase visual effects of the main points you are making based on the results.

Interpretation & Conclusions

Use the conclusion to summarize the analysis and findings. Present an answer the question pose in the introduction and recommendations based on the data presented in the report.

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