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One of the unique aspects of nonprofit organizations is that they are governed by volunteer boards of directors or trustees. Along with having a working relationship with administrators, it is important to the effective operation of a nonprofit organization for the board members to be diverse, ethical, and possess the skills necessary to carry out the responsibilities of nonprofit boards listed on page 114 of your textbook.

What skills would you look for when creating a board of directors? Why?

What specific things would you look for when creating a diverse board of directors? Why?

Why is it important for the Board of Directors to represent the populations that the organization represents?

How would you ensure that the board represents the organization and the populations it serves?

Please read the following in textbook, Developing Nonprofit and Human Service Leaders:

Chapter 10: “Nonprofit Boards”

Please read the following article that can be found in the Library:

English, M. (2015). Nonprofit leadership and management. Research Starters: Business (Online Edition).

Please watch the following supplemental video:

Grunder C. (2014, September 10). Modern Nonprofit Board Governance – Passion Is Not Enough! Retrieved from

Chapter 10 will introduce you to the duties and responsibilities of the board of directors. This chapter focuses on working with nonprofit boards of directors but can be applied advisory boards as well. It is important for human service leaders and administrators to foster effective working relationships with the board of directors.

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