english resume and cover letter 1


For your second essay, you will create a resume and cover letter. You should attempt to find a job ad in your field that you can create materials for. Though you won’t actually apply for the job, creating these items should help you after you graduate.

Job Advertisement

Find a job in your field and include the ad as part of your materials.

Cover Letter

Write a cover letter for that particular job, following the advise given in earlier posts. Make sure the letter is aimed at that particular job.


Create or revise your resume focused on the particular job for which you are applying. Feel free to follow a template that you find online.


You must include the following:

  • Job Ad
  • Cover Letter (single-spaced, usually no more than one page)
  • Resume (usually no more than one page)
  • If you are applying for a job in a discipline that asks for longer materials, please explain that to me in a short paragraph.

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