research paper template

I. Statement of the Nature of the Problem

A. Describe clearly and succinctly the major problem you hope to address in your study.

B. Make sure your topic is well explained and understood by your readers

C. Outline the objectives or goals of the study. Why is this problem worth inquiring into?

II. The Research Question

A. Include your research question(s).

III. Survey of the Literature

A. Outline the major studies in the literature (with constant references either for yourself or for your readers) that have a bearing on the research question. Explain how these studies are relevant to your research question.

B. Explain how the proposed study can contribute to or extend existing studies

IV. Research Design

A. Explain the analytic framework of your model i.e. what theory is your work based on?

B. Methods of gathering the data:

(1) What type of data will you gather?

(2) How will you obtain, record, and organize these data?

(3) What estimation techniques will you use? (4) How do you plan to analyze the data?

V. References

List all references you have read so far and plan to use in your paper. The references should follow the Chicago Manual of Style the details of which can be found at the following American Economic Association link…

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