power points 2

* Describe the group/population and the problem you selected for the project;

* Incorporate components of your community assessment;

* Describe interventions based on culture; and,

* How you might evaluate the project.

* You will also need to include who you presented your project to and

* Your role as a leader in health care in your community.

Some tips:

  • In the week 5 content area, under introduction, learning resources, there is a power point template with Walden U logo that you may wish to use for your presentation. You also may choose to use a template of your own choice.
  • There is a discrepancy in the number of slides required between the rubric and information given: The rubric states a minimum of 15, max of 18. Week 6 Practicum instructions say minimum of 7, max of 15.

Please use whatever you need, but I think a minimum of 10-12 slides is about right, plus a title slide, plus a slide(s) for the references at the end.

  • Make sure to follow the rubric which tells you what to include on your ppt slides. Students frequently miss the last slide which is “describe role as a nurse leader”, you will also discuss that in the practicum discussion in week 6.

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