read the 2 articles answer the 2 questions below and then provide another question for each of the 2 articles 1

1 page per article.

The task is to read the 2 articles, answer the questions below and then ask a question for someone else to answer. The question asked should be one that will require the next person to demonstrate having read the article or it can be able something that you did not understand about the article.

Article 1:

In the article there was a length discussion on the ability for leaders to evolve and transform from one leadership style to another. Why do you think evolution of leadership style is important, and have you observe any leadership style changes in your own profession life?

Article 2:

The last sentence of the article states “Effectiveness is a discipline. And, like every discipline, effectiveness can be learned, and must be earned.”Do you agree with this? Why or why not? What points from the passage evidences as such?

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