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***please use current sources for this paper.

***please select China as your research object.

***please read the requirements and tips carefully (attached)

For the proposal, select a country and a topic from the list provided below. If there is a particular

topic or country not listed that you would like to explore, please let your instructor or teaching

assistants know so that we can approve your selection. Once you have selected a topic and

country, you will write a one page proposal that answers the following questions:

1. Why have you selected this country-topic pair and why is it significant for US foreign

policy interests?

2. What is the nature of the relationship between the US and the country you have chosen

(i.e. is it conflictual, cooperative, complex)?

3. Give a brief overview on the US’s broader stance on this particular foreign policy issue.

4. Provide two-three places where you plan to begin looking for research on this subject.

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