read through the notes and answer the questions

Question #1: The Challenge of Brevity (By Thursday at 11:55PM)
Give a 2 or 3 word description of each model we went over in Chapter 2. If you want to test how well you understand the models, do this without looking at your notes or the textbook. Here is a list of the models we discussed: Biological, Behavioral, Psychodynamic, Cognitive, Humanistic, and Socio-cultural.

Question #2: Case Application (By Thursday at 11:55PM)
Watch the “Child or Rage” documentary from 0:28-3:06 by going to this link: Then choose three of the models of psychopathology that we discussed in Chapter that you think could be best used to understand why Beth exhibited her pathological behavior (which is dysfunctional, dangerous, deviant, and distressing). For each model, explain in a sentence or two what a therapist using that model might do to help Beth.

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