decision making with technology

Topic:Decision-making with Technology

Overview:In all business areas making decisions is a natural and integral part of any company’s management process. Technology is taking on an increasingly major role in decision-making today. The sheer amount of data that managers must operate with on a daily basis is absolutely staggering compared to what they had to work with just a few decades ago. In today’s world, BI-centered tools are a critical component of any successful company’s strategy. They allow managers to streamline the effort needed to search for, combine and query data to obtain the information required for good decisions.


  • Describe two key system-oriented / technology trends that have brought IS-supported decision making to the forefront of the decision analysis field in recent years.
  • List and describe two capabilities of computing that can facilitate good managerial decision-making.
  • How can information systems and tools help overcome the cognitive limits of humans?


  • Need minimum 500 words
  • Need 3 APA references
  • No plagiarism please

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