using using lockes theories on the purpose of government create an argument which either supports or rejects locke s basic premise

Examining Locke’s theories on the purpose of government, create an argument which either supports or rejects Locke’s basic premise. Consider the questions: Does Locke have the correct interpretation of government? Are Locke’s propositions still valid in the 21st century? How does Locke’s vision of freedom compare and contrast with Coates’ approach to freedom?

Your essay must grapple with the influences of the authors’ respective worldviews and the historical conditions in which they wrote. In other words, you need to contextualize their ideas, answering the question with historical awareness and nuance. Moreover, your essay must form a coherent treatment of the different authors’ approaches and ideas, not merely a series of disconnected analyses.

Your primary source readings are focused on those texts assigned in class, but you will probably need to read more broadly in order to answer the question adequately. You should draw on secondary sources both to gain additional information about the primary authors’ historical contexts, and to gain insight into, and interpretation of, the primary authors’ ideas. Your secondary sources must be scholarly, that is, peer-reviewed books, chapters, or journal articles. Websites like, wiki-anything, and even a history professor’s webpage, are not peer-reviewed and so are NOT permitted sources for your paper. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy are permitted web-based sources because they are peer-reviewed. If you find other electronic sources that seem helpful, ensure that they’re peer-reviewed before relying on them, and inform your instructor in advance. If there’s nothing saying that the site is peer-reviewed, it isn’t.

Your final draft of Essay 1 is due via SafeAssign by 11:59 pm on the date listed on the schedule. The paper should be between 850-950 words, excluding quotes, title page, and bibliography. You may use MLA,

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