Client Case Study

Students will learn about the Case Study Method in Chapter 2 of their Textbook. Students are to choose   one   person   to   conduct   a   Case   Study   on   in   order to   learn   about   that   person’s   life, development, and personality. Students will complete as follows.

1. Students will schedule an interview with their case study client.
2. Students will develop 10 questions to ask their client about their life.
3. Students will ask their client to complete a Personality Assessment located at:
4. Students will review their Q&A along with the personality results to write a Report regarding the client’s personality style and development.
5. The Report should include the following: A cover page, 3-5 page report, answer the following in   sections:   Describe   the   client’s   personality;   Describe   how   life   has   affected   the   client’s personality; How has the client’s personality helped him or her along the way; How has the client’s personality hindered him or her along the way; What are the Strengths and Weaknesses of   your   client’s   personality;   In   your   option,   what   changes   or   continued   behavior   would   be beneficial to your client to help them achieve their optimal well-being?

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