Assessment Project


Assessment Project

A Program Development project will provide an opportunity to use applied research methodology to church ministry. Each student will conduct a comprehensive assessment of a church’s ministry to couples and/or families. You are to identify and describe a current ministry to couples occurring within a ministry context. Examples of ministries could include:

A lay counseling ministry to couples.

A parenting class offered in a Sunday school curriculum.

A marital small group designed to support marital strength.

An annual weekend retreat for couples.

A pastoral counselor who sees couples as part of the church counseling ministry.

The paper should be about 4-6 pages and address the following questions?

The following outline is to serve as the basis for this project:

1. Give a description of the ministry to couples or families.

2. Who is the ministry/service designed or created to serve? Who provides leadership to the ministry and what is their training?

3. What issues are addressed?

4. What are the limits that this ministry does not address, and to whom are couples/families referred if a ministry is not applicable?

5. How would you improve the ministry you have described?

6. Please include applicable descriptors, published materials or curriculum if available.

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