complete 6 short discussion posts 3


Click the link to read the handout “Consensual Sex Versus Rape”, and answer the questions below.

Should Linda’s police record be admitted into evidence? May Paul be convicted of rape? Would your answer be different if Paul had gotten Linda intoxicated?


How does the media, in the role of a courtroom spectator, reinforce ideas of what a criminal looks like?


Throughout this course, you have completed homework and assessments in MyMathLab, and you also have completed one assignment in Blackboard. Each of these tasks required you to use different methods for entering in the answers and submitting the assignment. For example, homework assignments require you to use the MyMathLab symbol toolbox, assessments require that you show your work in the show work window, and Blackboard assignments require you to upload a document into Blackboard. For this discussion board question, describe a challenge that you encountered while using these different platforms to submit your assignments. How did you overcome this challenge? Additionally, what tools do you use to help you submit these different types of assignments in an efficient manner?


After learning the more advanced features of Excel in Unit V,

  • What is your favorite graphics or tables feature, and how will you utilize this feature in the future?
  • Explain how this new feature might aid in your success.


Think back to the best leader for whom you have ever worked (keep the leader’s name anonymous). What leadership traits/behaviors did you appreciate the most?


As noted in the lecture, Philosopher George Santayana notably said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Why do you think it might be important to understand and study history—especially keeping your professional/life goals in mind?

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