create a 4 minute powerpoint to articulate your business plan feasibility analysis

Assuming you are a college student and you are competing a cash prize capital for supporting your start up business. Create a 5-7 slides, 4 minutes video presentation for your mentors to articulate the viability of your business idea so to convince them that you have the overall business acumen to start up a business.The business idea is to open a Chinese Hunan restaurant in Boston area, and the presentation should include product/service feasibility, industry feasibility, management feasibility and financial feasibility of your business.

You will use the content from your feasibility analysis document and a completed form of business plan by me to integrate into the video presentation. Plz strictly follow the given information and guideline. Outside researches required.

Plz also prepare an oral form speaker note corresponding to each page of ppt.
Plz use images, charts to make the ppt attractive.

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