consumption paper

Instructions for Consumption Paper: (I already attached detail instructions in file)

  • A creative industry or subsector/genre of a creative industry. — Music — K-pop, heavy metal, hip hop, etc.
  • Find at least four academic sources beyond the course reading. Make sure that all your sources are reputable and relevant.
  • Drawing on the central concepts and themes of the readings, compare the findings from these sources (your independent research) to the central concepts/themes in the course readings and lectures. You should show knowledge of the readings beyond the class lecture in your analysis of the course readings. Use relevant quotes/paraphrasing from the course readings. Be sure to cite internally in addition to listing citations in the references.
  • You should focus on 3-5 key course topics (these are the topics of the readings) from various readings across different readings in the unit. You should use at least four course readings which I gave to you.
  • The paper should be 4 pages, double spaces, not including the list of references at the end.
  • 12-point, Times New Roman font.

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