chemistry question solutions

Problems: Chapter 9 (pg 373-375): Numbers 4, 6, 16, 18, 21(b, f), 22 (a, c, g), 24 (a, d), 26

If you do not have the correct edition of the textbook (refer to syllabus) make sure to find a way to obtain the correct problems from a classmate. Submitted problems from previous editions of the textbook will not be graded. DO NOT COPY the classmate’s work as that would classify as an academic honesty misconduct, punishable by academic policy.

The homework assignment may be:

1) Completed in Microsoft Word (preferred) by using the “Draw” function of the software to place Lewis Dots / bonds. Make sure to indicate the problem number, together with what the problem is asking you to do, and finally the solution. Save the file as a PDF file and upload here.


2) Completed on paper, scanned (or pictures taken and combined in a single file) and uploaded here as a PDF file. For this option, neatly indicate the problem number, write down what the problem is asking you to do, followed by the solution in your BEST handwriting. Illegible homework will not be graded! I will deduct points for messy homework, non following the instructions here.

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