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BCIS / COSC – Final Exam Project


Power Point Presentation




Your PowerPoint Presentation topic is your career choice.


PowerPoint Research Presentation Requirements


1. You will develop a PowerPoint presentation a minimum of 10 slides and a maximum of 12 slides with the following requirements:


a. Each student will individually prepare and submit the slides to Blackboard.


b. On this project, the student will define his/her career choice, including at least the career path background, education, and pay scale for at least three (3) different regions in the country.


c. It must include 3 references from websites you have researched. Examples of websites include:



You are not limited to these websites if you have a different one you can use it but it must be referenced in MLA format.


e. The student should submit this project to Blackboard by the due date/time as scheduled by the instructor.


Creating the PowerPoint slides


Create an outline from your topics and from the outline, develop a PowerPoint presentation that contains at least 10 slides.


  • Use PowerPoint features such as:

    • Decorative WordArt, SmartArt with text, Shape with text or picture, correct spelling

  • Use transitions on all slides and Animation on at least 1 object and 1 text area.

  • Use at least 4 or more different styles of slide layouts.

  • Remember only 7 lines per slide, no more than 7 words on each line (7X7 rule)


Organizing your slides


  1. Slide 1 – (Title Slide) Introduction.

    1. Tell everyone about yourself and explain your research and why you’re interested in your chosen career.

  2. Slide 2- Outline of topics you’re going to discuss.

  3. Slide 3-7 – (Body)

    1. Career path information

    2. Reasons for your career choice and career background

    3. The educational requirements for your career

    4. Pay range available for career field. (Three different regions of the country following the instructions as stated on item (1b above)

    5. Note: Each slide should provide supporting information and examples.

  4. Slide 8 – 9 (Summary)

    1. The student will present a conclusion or final statement that summarizes how you think or feel about your chosen career.

    2. Anything appropriate you want your audience to remember.

  5. Slide 10 –(References) must be in MLA format



Rubric for PowerPoint Presentation Grading




Note: This presentation must be suitable for a public audience, without being offensive or improper. Presentations that are offensive or improper will receive a grade of zero (0).





Required Elements

10 Points Each



Title slide to include Introduction: Your name, Class and Date




Final slide/Sources (references need to in MLA format)





Supportive details (Body of presentation with at least 4 slides)





Easy to view overall (text is only an outline, objects are un-crowded)




Design theme (use a background theme from the Design tab)




ClipArt and/or picture & Word Art




SmartArt, with text appropriate to the topic




Shape, with text or picture appropriate to the topic inside the shape




Transition on ALL slides / Animation on at least 1 object and 1 text area





Correct spelling and standard grammar (point deducted for each error)







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