re socw6311 discusiion response to 2 students use of group designs in program evaluation wk10

Due 05/02/2019 by 6 PM EST

Respond to at least two colleagues from the perspective of an interested stakeholder for the program by doing the following:

  • Provide a brief description of the role that you are taking.
  • Provide an evaluation of the group research design that they have chosen, and criteria that your colleagues have generated (choice of outcome and method of evaluation) from the perspective of the stakeholder whom you have chosen.
  • Provide support based on your evaluation
  • Ask questions about the plan for research design and the questions that the evaluation plan will address from your chosen perspective.

Response to Betty

The research design and data collections method which will be helpful for the case study is the application of a qualitative data analysis tool using “Condense Responses into General Categories” method. The strategy of using the condense responses is to create a set of general categories of qualitative questions and assign responses to these categories (Dudley, 2014). The qualitative method allows the participants to answer open-ended questions in interviews and questionnaires. In the case study, the primary goal of the new training program will include “reducing foster placement disruptions, improving the quality of services delivered, and increasing child well-being through better trained and skilled foster families” (Plummer, 2014b). So the open-ended questions can be asked regarding the improvements that can be made toward the services provided in the past, and what can be done now. The answers to each cater gory can brief, and the similarities can be compared to arrive with solutions that fit in the same category. The category with the highest number of answers can be evaluated to determine client satisfaction for the services offered in the foster care program.

The data will be collected by Joan and the leadership team at the agency who have shown interest in the research project. So basically the team of evaluators who will be diversified and will approach the answers with different perspectives. Joan plans to create a Likert-type scale for the study (Plummer, 2014b). The Likert Scale have the advantage of not giving a “yes” or “no” answers but provides opportunities for the participants to share opinions on the quality of the services provided by stating the level of importance “ very important, important, moderately important, of little importance, or unimportant” ( McLeod, 2008). The team of evaluators will then gather the answers in the category that has the most and compile it and make the necessary changes to the new program. The first three sites that will be starting the program can give accurate feedback after the program’s completion, and the next four remaining sites can make the necessary changes or implement the new changes for the foster care program.


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******************************************************************Response to Ellis

In the case study Joan is a planning to obtain data from a nonprofit organization that focuses on children welfare and foster care, with the cooperation of the organization Joan is interested in researching the new program that is planning to be implemented within 12 months total (Plummer, Makris, and Brocksen, 2014). The new program focuses on the quality of services delivered, foster placement, and the child well being. The organization is large and all centers will participate in this new program and partake in lengthy training to prepare for the change of the organization. Joan has found litter to no research conducted on the training program and found that she found she could conduct a Likert-scale for the study (Plummer, Makris, & Brocksen, 2014). The group research design and data collection method she could use is by implementing questionnaires and surveys for the different units to complete. The questionnaires/surveys can obtain a lot of information from everyone in an anonymous unthreatening manner. They gather a lot of data from everyone involved (even for larger groups) that allows for Joan to compare and analyze the findings (McNamara, 2006).

As stated, Joan has found no data providing assurance that the program is effective, so overall the criteria that needs to be measured is the effectiveness of the program first. The survey should also examine staff’s need to specific trainings to make sure the new program is going to run effectively and efficiently, such as quality of service (Plummer, Makris, & Brockson, 2014). Lastly, the survey should measure strengths and weaknesses of the foster placement and child-well being while being involved in the program (Plummer, Makris, & Brocksen, 2014).

Joan should collect the data for the staff involved as well as the foster parents. Joan will be able to review, analyze, and compare the data gathered. The surveys should be administered through intake to assess needs entering the program as well as for individuals at the end of the program that have been in the program that may feel they could have benefited from different services. Having Joan gather the information can take away from any biases a direct employee or director may potentially bring to administering the questionnaires. Having Joan conduct the surveys allows for effectiveness (no enhanced behaviors) and no ill feelings (McNamara, 2006).


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