‘For this essay, my main question is ‘Can the reformation of the Hukou System Improve The Welfare of Migrant Workers?

I want to look into how the Hukou system(in China) affects the livelihood of migrant workers; most of whom seek jobs in urban areas with rural Hukou. How does this system affect their access to good housing, insurance, wages and work place safety? I wish to look into the restrictions that come with the system, the resulting divide of local workers VS migrant workers. What role do city authorities play in this and how do they seek to ensure the welfare of migrant workers i.e are they allowed access to labor unions etc.What is the role of NGOs in reforming the labor system and ensuring the welfare of migrant workers? What are city authorities doing to loosen the requirements of the Hukou? Thus can the reformation of the system improve the well being of migrant workers?

You need to find at least 2 journal articles (or books, or book chapters) that can provide a foundation for your discussion. MSU library is a good place to do a bibliographic search.

2,000 words not including references. Due on May 1. 2019.

** Important: if you cite others’ works, make sure to include the citations. Identical sentences copied from others’ works without proper citations are considered plagiarism. You will not receive any points for the essay in the case of plagiarism.””

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