You will choose a multinational company headquartered outside of the United States. Your

chosen career field from assignment 1 must also have an active role within the company. You

must communicate with one or more person within the company (preferably, but if you are

unable to make a connection try finding someone in your chosen field to reach out to who

does not reside in the United States).

Your report must include the following at a minimum:


Identify the company and discuss the mission statement of the company.


Write a brief biography of the founder(s) and at least one executive officer in the



Document/summarize the communication with each person’s person of interest.

The person must be directly related to your chosen career fields. Remember, you

are representing Marymount when you are speaking with people, ensure that they

understand this communication is for a project for your class, and keep the

conversation extremely professional. Communication with the person should

include, at a minimum:


What made you want to work for this company?


What advice do you have to give students like “me” if they would like a

career like you?


What is the number 1 thing you would want an applicant to have on their

resume if they were to be employed by you?


At least one question developed by you about the person you are

conversing with.


Summarize the culture of the country in which the company is headquartered


List 5-10 barriers or strengths they may have when working with other countries as

a company


Include a graphical summary of your budget from Assignment #4 and note any

other added information you wished you had access to in order to create a more

realistic budget.


Show a map of all locations of said company, including any information on

locations they work with without having an office location there.


Include graphics from the company’s website and pictures, as needed, to help

describe the company and its focus


Describe what a typical employment package might look like within the company


Discuss the current financial standing of the company including stock prices, if



Describe any affiliations they may have with other companies


Summarize the use of technology in the selected company (e.g., software they use,

computers, evidence of servers, etc.)


Provide 3 or more news articles relating to the company and summarize the impact

on the company/country/technology/etc.


Include a discussion of where the company might be able to broaden their reach

into either other technologies or other countries.


Include a bibliography of at least five sources from which you gathered


Requirements for the Report:


At least 10 pages that does


include the Title page, Table of Contents and

References (double-spaced, 1” margins)


Must have a Title page, Table of Contents, and References; (these three pages are not

included in the 10 pages)


Type Font 12pt with Times New Roman


Proper APA Formatted References

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