Virtual Collage Project or Power Point

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Purpose: As leaders, we are the emotional center of the team and department. In order to increase or maintain enthusiasm and momentum, sometimes a workshop or training can provide a forum to send out motivational messages and create a sense of purpose and urgency to your cohort members.There are many tools or ways that you can deliver or give the motivational message, for example, watching an inspirational movie, giving an uplifting speech, sending links to courageous stories about those who’ve persevered, etc.In this assignment, you are going to create a PowerPoint or Prezi as the mechanism to deliver your message of inspiration and encouragement. Your team will present this workshop in an Adobe Connect Workshop online. Audience: Your team, department, or colleagues in your workplace that are attending your in-house workshop.Some of your colleagues will be attending from a “remote” location and will be attending via Adobe Connect. Submissions Required: Group created PowerPoint or Prezi collage presentation file or a premade video with “slides” similar to a power point or prezi.

Create a “collage” that could be a tool for creating momentum, commitment, enthusiasm among coworkers or colleagues based on concepts from the leadership course.

  • Remember creating collages in elementary and middle school?Generally, people create collages about a specific term or item and incorporate words, pictures, and sometimes textures, patterns, prints, and other art to express their thoughts and feelings about a subject.
  • You are going to create either an actual collage, or a “virtual” collage.The “collage” could be a tool that virtual managers and leaders use to provide motivation and inspiration to colleagues and subordinates in their workplaces, families, and other activities. Think of it as a “message” – but not simply a message with words, but with a more creative and comprehensive approach to encouragement and morale-boosting.
    · How to approach or think about the purpose
    of the collage

    you are the manager/leader/supervisor… (some of you already are!)… You want an
    inexpensive way to energize employees and encourage morale within your
    department. You think sending the
    virtual collage may help foster unification, cohesiveness, support, and encouragement
    among members.
    How would you create
    enthusiasm and commitment for the topic you choose in the Power point or Prezi format? How do you create a meaningful message in
    your power point without being overbearing or too cheesy? What was meaningful to your team (and team
    members) about the particular topic that will be utilized and/or applied in
    their future as a leader
    required content items below should all fit within your overall “theme” you
    select for your Collage.


    3 topics from the
    Linchpin PDF reading excerpt (found on the content page)

    You MUST incorporate at
    least 3 and up to 6 SPECIFIC COURSE CONCEPTS.

    Other grading
    considerations: best practices of power point, professionalism, grammar/spelling/convection,
    visual aesthetics, proper use of visual aids, appropriate voice/tone for the
    audience, other grading considerations as included in the rubric. See Linchpin attachment to complete this work.

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