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Homework 1:

Visit the web page at http://www.ilrg.com/forms/powatrny.html. At this web page you will find a power of attorney form. It is free (don’t purchase the $9.95 word formatted version, instead scroll down to the free html version).

Consider for what purpose you might enter a power of attorney. Copy the language of the form into a word document and create your first power of attorney by personalizing it as follows:

1. Think about some activity in your life that you can ethically designate someone to act on your behalf as an agent. Please select a single activity only.
2. Think about who you would trust to act on your behalf as an agent in the single task you would like to designate.

3. Revise the language of the form that you copied from the link I provided so that you now have a personalized Power of Attorney reflecting the single task that you designated to your agent.

Now, do the following two things to complete the assignment:

1. Attach the Word document with the Power of Attorney you created to the assignment submission dropbox.
2. In a separate document or directly in the dropbox answer the following questions about your power of attorney:
A. Who did you select to be your agent and why?
B. What action did you authorize your agent to complete and why?
C. Are you at all concerned about your liability if the agent does not complete the action in the power of attorney? Why or why not?


Homework 2:

In this Congressional session, and also the last, there has been a big emphasis in enacting new employment laws and amending old ones. Lets bring our learning in employment law up to date.

Go to a federal government source, like www.congress.gov or govtrack.us, and search for a bill (or proposed statute) that deals with an issue of employment law. That bill could amend an old statute, or could be a new statute in the area of employment law. The bill/statute you select must either have been (1) considered by Congress in the last two years or (2) under consideration by Congress now. Once you find your bill or statute, answer the following questions:

1. What is the name of the bill/statute?
2. Is this bill/statute a new law or will it amend an existing law.
3. If this bill is passed, how will it change current employment law? Be specific here and include enough detail so that someone reading your answer really understanding the bill under consideration.

4. Include a citation for the location where you researched this information.


Homework 3:

Go to http://irle.berkeley.edu/digital-collection/bargaining/, and select one of the Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) listed there for the state of New Jersey (or for your home state if you are studying from another state). Select one of the CBAs listed for New Jersey and answer the following questions:

1. What is the bargaining unit for the CBA that you selected?
2. Does the contract contain a grievance clause? What section is it?
3. Does the contract contain any information about wages? What information about wages is contained in the CBA? Was the wage information what you would expect for the occupations or was it surprising? Explain your position?
4. Would you want to work with this bargaining unit? Why or why not?

5. Include the citation or url for the CBA that you selected.


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