Week 3 D2 Writing Your Conclusion Workshop

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Please use the same references of current paper that is attached as well as use the outline that is provided for this discussion. Thank you!!!


Prepare: As you prepare to write your second discussion for this week, take a few moments to do the following:


Reflect: Before drafting your initial post, take time to reflect on your closing argument. Does your conclusion reemphasize the important points that you have made in your essay? Have you summarized your main points and rephrased your thesis statement? Do the final lines of your conclusion leave your readers with something interesting to consider?


Write (due Thursday, Day 3): In 200 to 300 words, share your concluding paragraph. Your conclusion should reiterate the position of your paper by summarizing your main points and rephrased thesis statement. In a final paragraph, share your original thesis statement.

In a separate paragraph, identify and explain the following:

  • What is your conclusion’s closing argument?
  • In addition, note any questions you may have regarding your conclusion (e.g., rephrased thesis statement, summarized main points, etc.) so your classmates can assist you.

Please review the Week 3 Discussion 2 Initial Post TemplateView in a new window before writing your response.


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