What are the most essential parts/aspects of games

Topic: Gaming

Type of paper: Creative writing

Discipline: Other : Paper (for Blog) about gaming

Format or citation style: APA


Possible topics for the first blogs are:

What are the most essential parts/aspects of games? Why are they important?

What do games tell us about our cultures, and ourselves? Why should we (or shouldn’t we) study them?

Game rules and meaning (What do the rules mean? How do they limit and define play?)

Games as art (Are games art? Why does it matter? What do games tell us about art, or do they change our perspective?)

Game Narrative/Story/Fiction (What does the story to the game/novel mean? What message is it sending?)

Gender in Games (How does gender operate in a particular game, or in gaming culture generally?)

Race in Games (How are characters/players of different races portrayed? What assumptions/biases are built into these representations?)

Class in Games (How does class determine who has access to what? Do games challenge or uphold class distinctions?)

Whatever your topic and argument, make sure to back it up with evidence! Carefully think about what your argument means, to whom, and why.

At least 500 words but no more than 800, and it need at least 2 or more outside sources.

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