what is a reaction paper 2 pages single spaced

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Students ask what is a reaction paper? The reaction papers has two parts.

The subject is Chapter 5 of the attached textbook

1st- The student should figure on writing a two page single spaced paper stating the significant information that they have gained from the chapter readings. Students will vary on what is important to them and that is fine. Sometimes a student already knows about what their reading and the finer points of the chapter are the focus. For others the basics are new and most important.

2nd-The reaction part of the paper is your response to what you have been assigned to read. A reaction is personal in nature. At times the criminal justice system is more complicated than what you thought. Your impression of what your learning is based upon your opinions of the subject matter that you just read. For example, some people dont believe in a death penalty. If so, they would be concerned about a system that provides one. Another example would be the belief that prisoners should always do hard labor. When the student reads about rehabilitation programs in prisons they may disagree and so on. Overall, the idea is to get the student thinking about their reading. There are no wrong or right answers.

Overall length of paper is two pages single spaced.


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