What is Nietzsche s relationship with Nazism assignment help

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answer the following question :


What is Nietzsche’s relationship with Nazism?

What does nihilism mean? Understand the following: nihilism’s original meaning, moral nihilism, value nihilism, and absurdism.

What is Nietzsche’s relationship with moral nihilism?

What is ethical relativism? Is Nietzsche a relativist? What evidence points towards or away from his possible relativism?

Understand the difference between meta-ethics and ethics.

Understand the shortfall of relativism, and the shortfall of moral objectivism (the problems of moral ambivalence and moral value pluralism)

Can a relativist claim that their ethic is better/worse than any other ethic? Why, or why not?

Understand the “Madman Parable”.

What is the eternal recurrence? What are the three most common interpretations? Know the evidence for and against these interpretations.

Be able to discern different examples of custom morality and natural.

What is the will to power? How could this affect Nietzsche’s views on ethics?

What is perspectivism? What is the value of truth? How could this affect Nietzsche views on ethics?

Stylistically, how is Nietzsche different than our previous philosophers? Why does Nietzsche purposefully write differently than other philosophers?

What does Nietzsche mean by “A philosopher’s philosophy is a covert memoir”?

Does Nietzsche think morality is always bad? What about religion?

Understand where each philosopher is on the “Means/Ends” scale and why. (plato, Aristotle, Kant, mill, Noddings and Nietzsche)

Know the foundation of each ethic. For example, Mill’s is happiness, Noddings’s is relationships/care, etc. (plato, Aristotle, Kant, mill, Noddings and Nietzsche)


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