What is your gut reaction to this reading?

Dear Students,

In this class we’re going to explore the philosophy of non-violence that Cesar Chavez followed. It’s purpose is to stand up against injustice and remain connected to your own humanity and that of the oppressor despite your anger and even rage. We will also look at a Buddhist monk’s teaching on how we can do this on a personal as well institutional level. These bear a deeper look so that we can consider how to apply them in today’s injustices and conflicts

I. “Love, Law and Civil Disobedience” speech by Martin Luther King Jr. can be found at  http://bigfatgenius.com/2220%20Fall%202010/King%20-%20Love%20Law%20and%20Civil%20Disobedience.html

1.) What is your gut reaction to this reading?

2.) Choose at least two of the following ideas from the essay and explain them and give your opinion of them. You’re welcome to write about all of them if you like: a. the means must be aligned with the ends b. having brotherly/sisterly love for your enemy and seeing him/her as caught up in an unjust system c.there is goodness in all humans and even an oppressor can change d. unjust laws may be broken

II. Please read the speech “Embracing Anger” by Vietnames Buddist monk Thich Nhat Hanh. It can be found at www.buddhismtoday.com/english/ethic_psy/embracing_anger.htm Please read all of Part 1 and the last 3 paragraphs at the end of the speech, plus the closing poem. If you have any problem opening this website, just Google his name and the title .

1.) Write a gut reaction to this speech.

2.) If you did not include this in your gut reaction, do you think the author’s guidance would be useful to you in communicating with people in your life who you are having conflict with?

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