Wk2d1 personality

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Discussion: Psychoanalytic and Trait Theory

Based on your readings for this Week, access the Personality Theory Matrix and complete the requested information in the Column B section for Psychoanalytic Theory and Column C section for Trait Theory. You can use this information to support this week’s Discussion post and response and Assignment.

Note: You will use this spreadsheet to guide your learning about personality theories in Weeks 2-6 and to support your completion of your Module Assessment. It will also be submitted in Week 8 as part of your Module Assessment.

To Prepare
  • Review the Learning Resources, focusing on theorists, cultural considerations, assessments/interventions, limitations, and unique aspects of both psychoanalytic theory and trait theory.
By Day 4

Post one key idea from the psychoanalytic theoretical orientation and one from trait theory. What is a main difference between these theoretical orientations? What is similar between these theories?  Which one do you more closely align with?

Personality Theory Matrix

PSYC 6220/5220/8221: Psychology of Personality
Personality Theory Matrix
Instructions: Based on your Module 1 readings for Weeks 2–6, complete the requested matrix information below for each of the 8 personality theory orientations. You will complete the spreadsheet during Weeks 2–6, according to the Assignment instructions each week.
Psychoanalytic Trait Neo-Psychoanalytic Behavioral Humanistic and Existential Biological and Evolutionary Integrative Cognitive and Social-Cognitive
Name of theorist(s):
How does this theory explain personality?
What does the theory say about past experiences of the individual, including cultural considerations?
What are the assessments and/or interventions recommended from this theoretical perspective?
What are the strengths of this theoretical perspective?.
What are the limitations of this theoretical perspective?
What are the unique aspects of this theoretical perspective?
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