World History to 1500

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Format for assignment: Essay

General topic of the paper: The condition can decide a civilization successful or fail.

Tentative title: The main requirement of civilization developing

Tentative thesis: The natural condition, The rule of governor and The war of civilization can decide the civilization successful or fail.

Summary of the proposed paper:

The main requirement of civilization developing. As we know, in the history of human, too many civilizations appeared and disappeared. In generally, the civilization always start at a perfect place where can offer human sufficient natural conditions. Like the stable water sources, food, and climate condition. However, so many civilization still disappeared with these conditions. And some civilization appeared without these condition. Like ancient Egypt, it appeared in desert, which is a serious condition. To some extend, Egypt can not develop a high-level civilization as we know, but it did. And in some good place, the civilization disappeared due to some reason, war, natural disaster, or some else. So this essay research the main requirement of civilization developing. From some points, firstly, natural condition, the different results of civilizations comes from different natural condition, both climate and geographic condition effect the life of human. Secondly, the governor’s rule, most ancient civilization was controlled by centralization system, so the civilization’s develop and fail are always decided by the governor’s rule. It’s a quite important reason for the civilization. Next is the war, some civilization developed very well, but the war regardless of the reason lead it to fail. Anyway, a civilization’s great is decided by many condition. So I want to summary a few conditions from those point.

Requirement is covered by the files which I post

The length required at least 5 page.

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