world prehistory

1. An essay talk about two regions–China and Egypt. 2.For these two regions, examine how archaeological evidence for their development counters hyper-diffusionist claims about how the areas developed. 3.Should be specific about which sites within these regions you are discussing. 4.You need to explain the basic trajectory of each of your two regions(Such as when were they settled, by whom,what was the local political structure) 5. You will need to use appropriate archaeological evidence to show how these areas actually developed. 6.All resources you use must on books that I listed.(Pictures of pages will be used will be uploaded ) 7.Book list:1.Kenneth L,Feder《Frauds, Myths,And Mysteries》, Eighth Edition 2.T.Douglas Price,《Images of the past》,Seventh Edition 8.Citations should show pages of the resources come from.-+ *

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