Write 150-200 words discussion.

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While text (words only) can be a good report, using visual guides is also beneficial.

Can a table of comparisons, or a photo image, or a chart help to put your point across? We will consider how visual images can supplement the discussion, rather than simply dropped in and detract from the intended message.

Reading assignment:

Read The Elements of Technical Writing, chapter 6.

Discussion assignment:

This is a good time to think about visually representing or explaining your report.


  • How many visual images and image types are you planning to use in your report?
  • Will the images overwhelm the reader because of their size, or will you resize the images to complement the text?
  • Will the images help the reader understand your point, or will they confuse the reader?
  • Using the examples in the chapter, will you be able to use the right caption for the images?

For your response:

  1. describe one of the images that you will use (table, chart, photo, etc.)
  2. provide an example of the caption for your image, using one of the captions in the chapter as a guide (see Tip below)
  3. provide the page number of the sample caption from the chapter
  4. provide the source of the image (Is the image copyrighted from a website? Do you need permission to use it?)

You do not need to include the image. Respond in your discussion thread in 150 to 200 words.

Tip: Each visual image in this chapter has a caption which includes its type and “numbering,” a title, and explanation of the image. Also included is the source of the image. The source information will be placed in the sources section of your white paper report.



Peer/group assignment:


Written assignment:



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