Write 2 Argumentation Essay in MLA format

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Choose a popular conspiracy theory and defend or refute the theory.

The topics are:

1. Reality TV should really be called unreality TV

2. The government should outlaw the sale of tobacco


  • 5+ paragraph essay
  • The first paragraph should include In-text citation (They Say, I Say), The last sentence of the first paragraph should be the thesis
  • No passive voice (it is a must)
  • Try to use Example, Definition, Description, Narration, Cause and Effect as much as possible
  • Must be typed in the MLA format
  • You must use a minimum of 3 scholarly sources, maximum of 4
  • Length requirement 900-1200 words (including the Works Cited)


10% Introduction- The student establishes the importance of the issue in his/her opening paragraph. The essay uses an anecdote or some research to illustrate the gravity of the controversy surrounding his/her chosen subject. The introduction insists on the need the redefine that issue.

15% Thesis- The thesis offers a surprising solution to the subject, promising to put it in a new light. It establishes clearly what side of the issue the author will take.

15% Audience- The essay clearly defines the audience that would disagree with the author’s position. It acknowledges that group’s beliefs without ridiculing or dismissing. The essay demonstrates a desire to persuade the audience to change its beliefs.

15% Organization and Development- On a paragraph by paragraph basis the essay makes the thesis persuasive by making points that appeal to reader’s senses of logos, ethos, and pathos. The essay avoids argumentative fallacies such as circular reasoning, etc.

15% Research- The essay incorporates information from reputable studies, experts, and/or existing debate on the subject to illustrate the main points of the thesis. The research is quoted in MLA style and the final page of the paper is a Works Cited page.

10% Conclusion- The student has incorporated a clear conclusion the goes beyond simply summarizing the topic to include the potential implications of their analysis.

20% Punctuation/Grammar- The student has followed punctuation and grammar rules throughout the paper. The student has also paid attention to accuracy in spelling and the overall formatting of the paper. The essay shows sign of concerted effort on student’s part to correct grammar errors from previous essays assignments and to demonstrate improvement over the course of the semester.


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