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Ms. Flores reaction to the low-performance scores of the students with disabilities in her school

Excellent academic performance is a practice that every school principal would like to maintain with the students throughout their learning process. This is not only to a section of students, but also to those with disabilities. Good performance is achieved through the effort and resources that are put in place by both teachers and students. It is very disappointing to the teachers after giving all the required resources to the students and later realizes negative results at the end of the learning process. In this case, Ms. Flores felt disappointed by the results of the students with disabilities that have taken the whole institution with a surprise. As the principal, she is held accountable for the outcome. an issue that seems to have confused her, she doesn’t know where to begin. The results have created trouble for the institution as could be read from Ms. Flores statement.

Why Ms. Flores described the testing as high stakes

Examination or test scores that are used to determine sanctions or punishment in general, accolades, graduation or promotion for students and compensations best describe what high stakes are. According to Ms. Flores, the tests were meant to be used in determining the best school at the district level and grading for students. It was an important decision. knowing the best school in terms of academic performance and accountability for the school administrators. The test was also to be used for promoting students to the next level. that is indicated when she categorically stated that students with disabilities are going to be left behind. These are the reasons why she (Ms. Flores) describes the testing as high stakes.

Why students with disabilities are being required to participate in high-stakes testing

High-stakes testing are relevant to both general students and students with disabilities. However, knowing the weakness in a student with a disability may be difficult compared to general students (students without disabilities). The test will enable the teachers to know the weakness in the students and come up with appropriate solution to help them improve. The test helps in measuring how well the students with disabilities learn. therefore can be used to strengthen and improve overall academic standard of the institutions.

Why the school personnel should be held accountable for the performance of students with disabilities on those assessments

It is the responsibility of every teacher to ensure that the student get the required knowledge in the classroom. In this case, the teacher is responsible for the students’ performance since he/she is authorized to give the knowledge. The process of giving the knowledge to the student is done through following the accepted professional standards that meet the demand of accountability. The teachers work under the principal who is the head of the institution. therefore, the principal and the teachers are accountable for the performance outcome of the students with disabilities.


There are different methods that teachers can apply to perform in-process evaluation of learners understanding, needs and academic progress in the on-going course of study. These methods include:

I. Standards-based reform: These are systems of grading, instructions, and academic reporting that depend on students’ denoting understanding of the skills and knowledge in the learning process.

II. High-stakes: These are examination results that are used to make crucial decisions about students’ promotion to the next level of the course or class. It can also be applied in the ranking of institutions within a given region, as in this case. it was used within the District.

III. Accountability test: The duty of teachers to take responsibility for students’ performance on high-stakes assessments and general learning process defines the accountability.

Benefits of high-stakes testing for school systems to teachers

High-stakes results may be used to create a learning plan depending on the student’s needs hence making it a tool for academic development. In addition, the test can help the teacher realize the weakness of a student and find a way to help hence increasing a positive performance and knowledge on a given subject. Motivate the teachers to work hard in order to produce good results in different subjects. Sometimes it can be applied during teachers’ promotion process.

What is problematic about school personnel not being held accountable for including students with disabilities in school-wide assessments?

School personnel, for many years, have barred students with disabilities from taking part in the accountability tests. During these tests, they are always taken out for field trips with an aim of maintaining the performance of the school by general student (students with no disabilities). The trend has made it difficult for personnel to hold accountable for students with disabilities in terms of performance.

How standards-based reform should change the education that students with disabilities receive

The standards-based reform is meant to bring positive changes especially for students with disabilities. The students with disabilities can get higher levels of education and achievements that are against common standards together with general education system/curriculum. They are also exposed and get the opportunity to learn and access to mastery of grade-level resource

In conclusion, school personnel should keep the standard high and ensure that all students including with disabilities are successful. There might be changes in the systems and structures, but the standards should not be lowered. The states and districts should use the available concrete strategies to increase positive impacts of standards-based reforms for students with disabilities and reduce the adverse effects.



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