Write 3 pages thesis on the topic an aim, passion and future anticipation. However, this image is not based on practicality. Accountancy field requires much hard work, critical thinking and theoretica

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Write 3 pages thesis on the topic an aim, passion and future anticipation. However, this image is not based on practicality. Accountancy field requires much hard work, critical thinking and theoretical knowledge as any other field of work requires. The special art of tackling with numbers and applying critical thinking is required of the accountants. Accountants require a higher level of attention towards the details of any aspect of their work. They need to be careful when dealing with each and every account. Their accuracy is their professional competence and once it is lost, the work remains inadequately completed or represents wrong image of the company/organization/individual. In addition, accountancy keeps ethical considerations and behavior at the core of its professional requirements. The knowledge about computer and skills in maintaining and updating records is also linked to the accountancy field. I personally believe that I have all these characteristics which urge me to enter the field with confidence. My ethical standards are higher enough to meet the demands of the accountancy profession. In addition, my habit of getting in touch with the latest technological advancements make it easier for me to adopt any new programs, techniques or technologies which may motivate more accurate and efficient accounts. Having these characteristics led me to practically step ahead in the field by choosing accounting as my majors. Stepping in the accountancy education provides me a ladder to reach the aim of becoming a financial manager of a company. My aim is not to make the records but to attain a level where I may foresee an organization’s future, plan for its future and make policies which may help in taking the organization out of crises positions. I aim to achieve the highest level of financial advising and responsibility of the financial affairs within the organization and prove my competence by keeping the organization financially sound. I enjoy fulfilling the toughest challenges and responsibilities. Unlike many people, I do not fear responsibilities but they actually give me an energizing feature to strive more, plan, implement and to attain. Accountancy is the field which gets an individual started from a cashier to a higher position official like a financial manager of the company. The step by step promotion of responsibility and duty leads to a more even and gradual development in terms of profession. Hence, I believe that this profession best suits my requirements and temperament. A higher level of accountancy knowledge would be required to attain my long term goal of becoming a financial manager in a reputable company. However, initially I need to develop my understanding by taking up the graduation courses. I aim to complete my membership with ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) to familiarize myself with the professional needs and knowledge in practice. I need to have full grasp over accounting, finance, communication (both written and oral in case of writing reports on the financial performance and so on) and law. An accountant needs to be well aware of the regulations and laws relating to the accountancy practices in a particular region. Particularly, in larger corporations, companies need to follow the legal frameworks and regulatory requirements of presentation and preparation of financial reports and records. My initial inspiration towards this field is the rapid development of my uncle’s position in his work career.


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