Write 3 Stories

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Use the Bold Vocab to make story

By now you should be pretty familiar with the vocab words of this module. So, you should be able to use them properly and creatively

  1. Read over the vocabulary words one more time
  2. Compose and type in a story that shows you really understand each of the words
    • Be creative but be sure what you type shows you understand (not just can type) the words
    • Use all the vocabulary words
    • Type them exactly as they are typed above (same pluralization, capitalization, tense, etc.)

1st Story:

1. Google argues that their ads are driven by the “moment of relevance,” or that place and time when the user really wants the information the ad supplies.

2.The idea of targeting is making precise calculations about who sees what ad.

3. An operating system is like Windows or Mac OS. It is the software that allows all other software on your computer to run.

2nd Story

11 Vocabulary Words

  1. The term authority is based on trust. It is the trusted, definitive, beyond-question source of some sort of information.
  2. In the pre-online era (before the Web), we used publication processes for vetting information before it was released.
  3. What information enters the public realm can be decided by people already considered authorities. They function as gatekeepers, letting through only the information they want to.
  4. In the computer world, a set of steps you follow to reach a goal is called an algorithm.
  5. A good example of vetting by algorithm is Google Search. Even though people created the algorithm, there are no experts involved in this process of ranking the results you see.
  6. Social ranking, or popularity, is an increasingly important way of figuring out what information is most relevant to you.
  7. Vetting by the crowd has come a long way and is becoming an important way of checking information. Mechanical Turk is a good example crowd-sourcing. It brings together thousands of people who might be just who is needed to solve a problem for you.
  8. The process by which information is evaluated for accuracy and trustworthiness is called vetting.
  9. Wikipedia is a wiki, which has come to mean a place where the crowd can collaborate quickly to make Web pages.
  10. An IP address is a series of numbers that identifies a particular computer. They may or may not be a reliable way to link you to what you do on a computer.
  11. There are special people called administrators at Wikipedia and in other systems who have rights and abilities above the normal user’s

3rd Story

9 Vocabulary Words

  1. We will use the term cyber security to stand in for the various other terms people use for the idea of protecting computers from hackers.
  2. Officially, the term is cracked, but most people say a system was hacked to mean it was compromised.
  3. The term social engineering means compromising information by getting someone with access to let you in.
  4. The term denial of service means sending so many requests for information to a server that it crashes under the load.
  5. The idea of a bot net is that hackers install software on your computer that allows them to in some way control it.
  6. The term phishing describes the situation where a hacker disguises themselves as a legitimate organization to get you to enter information they want.
  7. In cross site scripting a hacker uploads code that sends your info to their site instead where you think it is going.
  8. In SQL injection a hacker inserts a query into a site’s code to get it to reveal data from the system’s database.
  9. The term for malicious, but minor acts of defamation on the web is Trolling

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