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Write a 4-5 double-spaced page paper (length does not include bibliography) comparing one concept (e.g. love, death, blood, afterlife, gender, etc) in a literary work to a visual representation from a film and compare them in a close reading.

Font size 12pt., Font: Times New Roman

Citations: whatever format you choose, keep them consistent

Footnotes: you can use them if you feel it necessary but use them sparingly

Some Guidelines on What Makes an A paper vs. a B paper.

B Paper:

* Responds appropriately to the assignment. * Clearly states a thesis, but may have minor lapses in development. * Begins to acknowledge the complexity of arguments and other points of view. * Idea is above average with sufficient analysis.

* Shows a logical progression of ideas. * Uses fairly sophisticated transitional devices. * Some logical links may be faulty, but each paragraph clearly relates to paper’s central idea.

* Relevant, concrete evidence and persuasive support for most assertions. * Generally uses sources appropriately, but may not assess them critically.

* Clear and effective control of language. * Competence with conventions of standard written English. * A few minor errors.

* Sources are appropriately quoted, paraphrased, or cited.

A Paper:

* Excels in responding to the assignment. * Thesis is clear, arguable, and carefully reasoned. * Paper recognizes and addresses contradictions, qualifications, or limits of arguments. * Idea is creative with in-depth and synthetic analysis.

* Uses a logical structure appropriate to paper’s subject, purpose, and audience. * Sophisticated transitional sentences connect major ideas. * Each paragraph has a clear, relevant, and well-argued main idea. *Transitions between paragraphs are smooth and focused.

* Ample relevant, concrete evidence and persuasive support for each debatable assertion. * Sources are carefully selected and critically assessed.

* Paper is engaging and demonstrates outstanding control of language. * Superior facility with conventions of standard written English. * Clearly proofread, with no glaring errors.

* Sources are adequately referenced throughout.

Updated Parameters from Dr. Longinović

2)Take 20 points off if paper is shorter than 4 pages and longer than 5 pages. (Double-spaced, Times New Roman 12)

3)Take 20 points off if paper does not use ONE literary text and ONE visual text (they can use any visual text, such as film, video game, tv show, etc.) and any story, novel or poem. They are allowed to use essays only as secondary literature, to explain their ONE THEME.

4)Take 20 points off if they do not stick to ONE THEME, i.e. LOVE, DEATH, DISEASE, MALE PROTAGONIST, FEMALE PROTAGONIST, BLOOD, etc. They are allowed to focus on any topic they feel is important, but are not supposed to use any other DOMINANT theme. Subtopics should be limited and related to the main THEME

5)Take 10-30 points off for overall organization (they need to have three parts to the paper: You decide how well the organization works.

– I have discouraged plot summaries and told them to incorporate them into analysis.


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