Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the social behaviors of fresh and sea water dolphins.

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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the social behaviors of fresh and sea water dolphins. Research studies from various scientists have revealed that the social behavior of dolphins in freshwater medium and salty water medium share not many distinctions (May-Collado & Wartzok, 2007). Even so, there are occasions whereby there are notable differences in their social behaviors. These reactions are studied based on their habitats, mating, hunting, playing, defense and cognitive behavior.

There are about forty species of dolphins that are found in seventeen genera. They vary in sizes and are found worldwide, often, in shallower seas along the continental shelves (Gomez-Salazar, 2011). Dolphins are carnivores that feed predominantly on fish and the sea squid. They belong to the family Delphinidae, which scientists claim to have evolved about ten million years ago in the era of Miocene. It is vital to note that the species of dolphins in fresh aquatic medium and saline medium are different. The analysis will be based on the Pink-river dolphin, which lives in freshwaters and is scientifically referred to as Inia geoffrensis, and the Dusky dolphin (Lagenorhynchus obscures) that lives in saline waters.

Dusky dolphins are vastly distributed in pods (Gomez-Salazar, 2011). They are predominantly situated in areas of South America and New Zealand. They are renowned to exhibit and demonstrate greater acrobatic skills than the other species. According to researches and observations from several scholars, the dusky dolphins are capable of adapting to several ecological niches than other species of dolphins. The female dusky dolphin can make a turn of up to 180 degrees during movement that makes them exceptional.

The Pink-river dolphins, just as their name suggests, live along the river estuaries especially in the Caribbean and the South American rivers (Gomez-Salazar, 2011). They have also been identified to live in flood plains out of the rivers. Occasionally, the Pink-river dolphin exposes aggressions that are not easily explained towards other animals. They can quickly grow and adapt to the environment. These adaptations are learned from the surroundings and are passed to the next generations through observation.


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