Write 6 pages thesis on the topic gendered inequality and social stratification from an anthropological perspective.

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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic gendered inequality and social stratification from an anthropological perspective. Wives have little or no decision-making power in the male-dominated marriages in Mali. This is seen even when it comes to her reproductive health as well as the children. Their reproductive health issues are not properly addressed. The few midwives most of whom are not fully qualified for the position evidence this. The fact that there are so many women giving birth means that family planning has not been entirely embraced. Unplanned pregnancies and having too many children that cannot be adequately taken care of puts a strain on the lives of these women (David 78-83).

For instance, in the case of Monique, she lost two children before they had reached the age of five. The Malian Minianka women are highly disadvantaged when it comes to the division of labor as they do a lot of household unpaid work as well as take care of the sick family members.

The women in Mali are hardworking, always trying to multi-task without complaining. They do not openly show how much they are in pain, which is evidenced in the book with Monique enduring the painful cavities and medicating herself during her pregnancy instead of seeking medical attention.

The men are dominating and not afraid to show off their accomplishments and hard work. According to the book, Henri Traoré, who was the doctor at the clinic talked about how many clients he helped birth and how much they would always struggle to find him. He complains about how he is worn out from having a lot of work. Earlier in the book, Francois goes on to show the author and her husband around his impressive garden and what he has done with it. Later on, there is an account of how he worked on the garden with his bare hands. The men are also emotionally withdrawn based on their reactions to the death of Monique despite them being close to her. This is compared to women.

Monique took care of her and her husband’s family, as well as her own yet her husband, would still not allow her to have anything from his huge garden. She could not ask for a divorce because it would mean that the children would have to remain with the husband, which she could not bear. This shows how much little control the women have even when it comes to their own children.


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