Write 7 pages with APA style on Colleges Contribution to Higher Income and Happiness.

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Write 7 pages with APA style on Colleges Contribution to Higher Income and Happiness. College does not provide practical knowledge and skills required in having a good life after graduation. colleges are no longer relevant and motivating, and college does not provide enough preparation for vocational employment. I agree with Bird that college is a waste of time and money if students only went there because of social pressures and economic opportunities if they become burdened with college debt, and if they pursue a course they think they can get out of self-studying, but college can actually make the youth happy if it becomes their ticket to higher income and a more fulfilled life.

College wastes time and money if students only pursue it because of social pressures. It is a waste of time because students go to college simply because adults, especially their parents said so. Bird talks about some of the reasons that the youth go to college, because “adults—parents, employers, high school counselors—began to push, shove and cajole youngsters to ‘get an education’” (“College” 1). In other words, they are in college because of societal pressure, not their own personal motivation. Indeed, if this is the case, then students are truly wasting their time. They are doing something they do not like, something that may even be the opposite of what want to be doing, such as pursuing medicine because they came from a family of doctors when they would rather be social workers or dancers. Another source of social pressure is the college system. Bird calls it the “Institution” that has become a social norm, where “the burden of proof is not on why you go, but why anyone thinks there might be a reason for not going” (3). As an Institution, people expect the youth to go to college. otherwise, they would see the latter as bums or ingrates to the society that have given them the freedom to pursue “free” education. With this reason, the strongest pressure to go to college comes from social norms and expectations.


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