Write 8 pages thesis on the topic the cultural implications of chinese and japanese gardens.

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Write 8 pages thesis on the topic the cultural implications of chinese and japanese gardens. The overall and architectural design of Chinese gardens has developed for more than three thousand years (Wong, 2009), and comprise gardens of different sizes that were created by emperors, scholars, litterateurs, and political leaders. Classical Chinese gardens are mostly bounded by walls and holding ponds, trees, flowers, and rotundas (Hammer, 2003). To fully appreciate the idea behind Chinese gardens, one should know the Chinese concept of the Universe (Wong, 2009). The general concept of a Chinese garden is to acquaint visitors with a sequence of seamlessly created and bordered sights of natural landscapes. On the other hand, Japanese gardens are inspired by scaled-down landscapes that are commonly presented in an exceedingly conceptual, intellectual and schematized way (Nitschke 1990). Japanese gardens are closely intertwined with the architectural designs of Chinese gardens in that they were patterned after the Chinese influences (Nitschke 1990), but through time, Japanese builders started to establish their individual artistry, which is derived from Japanese resources and culture.

This paper shall elaborate on the cultural implications that are present in both the Chinese and the Japanese architecture and landscape. Particularly, this paper will provide a comprehensive description of the involvement of cultural influence in the formation and development of the Chinese and Japanese architecture in so far as gardens are concerned. Furthermore, the differences between Chinese and Japanese gardens shall be expounded on this paper.

China is well-known for its longstanding art of designing painterly gardens that appear like a three-dimensional canvas, which implies coordination and accord between nature and humanity. It is also famous for possessing a huge range of remarkable cultural landscapes that have developed for many centuries.&nbsp.


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