Write a 14 pages paper on china oil security issue in the new map of global oil geography.

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Write a 14 pages paper on china oil security issue in the new map of global oil geography. This essay stresses that the immerging competition among the G8 countries has resulted to high consumption of oil. This is based on the fact that industrialization and motorization has took place thereby increasing vehicle ownership and other power machines that are used by individuals to simplify their work. The demand for oil consumption has been increasing making developed and developing countries to depend on regions such as Middle East, North Africa and Central China among others. This has emanated business transactions and diplomatic ties among the producers and consumers. For example China conducts business transaction with Sudan based on the fact that China needs oil from Sudan. On the other hand Sudan imports other products which they require increasing ties with consuming countries.

This paper makes a conclusion that the formation of trading block such as Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has made the producers to have power to deal with the consumers who use their economic power to suppress them. With the increased cases of terrorism, it is essential for US in collaboration with UN to put in place sustainable security measures in oil producing countries. In this way, the oil exploration process will be undertaken in a secured manner. While the developed countries are able to come up with other energy alternatives, third world states are greatly affected by price increment of oil products. Ii is notable that China has interest in the developing countries for example in the African region.


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