Write a 2 pages paper on abnormal psychology and therapy. Comparison of Normal and Abnormal Psychology Comparison of Normal and Abnormal Psychology in a Real World Setting Introduction The major duty

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Write a 2 pages paper on abnormal psychology and therapy. Comparison of Normal and Abnormal Psychology Comparison of Normal and Abnormal Psychology in a Real World Setting Introduction The major duty and responsibility of today’s psychologists is to help humans, so that they can cope with the stressful life of modern era. However, to fulfill this obligation mental scientists have been able to devise some common treatments, to solve various cognitive issues in their patients. The most common one is big five model, which analyzes five attributes of human personality for categorization (Geyer, 2011), and thus helps in devising a treatment plan for each personality type.

It is important to note that another area of psychology developed with the passage of time, which is concerned with treating unconventional psychological diseases, in which patients are often unaware of their true condition therefore, the application of big five model becomes inappropriate. On the other hand, in these cases practitioners sometimes have to work in order to develop a certain type of personality within the patients, so that they can treat them through conventional methods (Widiger, 2011). This paper will be developed to provide logical explanation of the differences between the normal and abnormal psychological practices.

It is a common assumption that normal psychology deals with common individuals with ordinary problems such as office fight. However, the nature of abnormal psychology differs, because it focuses on dealing with aggravated cases, which do not respond to traditional methods and techniques of treatment, therefore to assist them in recovering, psychologists resort on contemporary methods. The most common technique used is known as confession. during implementing this method psychologists facilitate patients to recognize their disease logically. Whereas, in normal mental science, patients are often awake to their cognitive instability therefore, it is relatively simple for practitioners to help them (Widiger, 2011).

At the same time, abnormal psychology demands greater degree of research and consultancy from practitioners because, it deals with those patients, who are socially rejected and therefore developed a greater degree of temper, which should be handled with sensibility to avoid any painful future ramifications.

On the other hand, the most common treatment strategy in treating abnormal psychological cases is called “Reverse Psychology”. In this technique, a patient is compelled to analyze the results of his irrational behavior in order to, make him realize his condition. At the same time, psychologists scrutinize the impact of individual’s irrational behavior on society.


This paper focused on analyzing the differences between normal and abnormal practices of psychology. However, it came to appreciate that the former branch deals with rational people who are well aware of their condition. On the other hand, latter one concerns with those who are highly irrational and do not realize their disease. Therefore, it can be assumed that practicing abnormal mental science is significantly different and challenging as compared to the typical one.

As abnormal psychological patients do not respond well to the traditional techniques because of this reason, psychologists have to perform extensive research in order to, devise an effective treatment for their special patients. This paper concludes that the degree of willingness to pursue treatment in patients mainly differentiates the two psychological practices at large.


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