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The process of developing my research question and preliminary hypothesis began with thinking of broad questions about subjects I am interested in learning more about, including recent world events and/or topics related to my job. I considered the existing knowledge I had about my topic as well as branching questions, or questions that might develop during the course of my research. I wanted to generate creative and logical alternatives along the way while being open minded to new ideas during this process. After thinking of wide ranging questions, I chose one that is thought provoking and capable of prompting a healthy exchange of ideas and plausible solutions. Potential research problems were also considered, in addition to how often events pertaining to the topic might change since this could either help or hinder my research.

After analyzing these factors, I attempted to reach valid conclusions for and against my chosen topic in an effort to predict the most likely outcome. Developing a hypothesis includes making a clear statement of what is to be researched and it should be made before the research begins and then referred back to after completing your research. The hypothesis establishes the research objectives, introduces ideas and concepts exclusive to your chosen topic, and identifies the relationship between the initial questions you wanted to answer and what was discovered during your research. Since my hypothesis does not take newly acquired information into account, it leaves a margin for error which is a premise of research – testing a theory.


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