(Writing About Anthropological Concepts and Practices) Chapter 1

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Writing About Anthropological Concepts and Practices

Approximately 3 Pages

expected. Carefully read the first chapter of your primary text (Miller). Then describe three of

the most important points that you found in this chapter. In your paper, answer all of the

following questions regarding these three points in a single coherent essay. As indicated in the

general instructions,

make certain you include an introductory paragraph with a clear thesis


. See the instructor, if you have any questions about this.

1-Were these concepts, practices, or perspectives new to you? Explain

(Have you

never seen these before in textbooks or heard about them in class – or, as most students

probably have, encountered parallel concepts in sociology, geography, psychology, social

work, or other social science classes? How are they the same or different?)

2-Why are these three concepts important to the field of anthropology?


anthropology function without them? Would anthropology be different without them? If

so, how would the field be different than it is today and how might it means the world

would be different?)

3-Do any of these concepts, perspectives or practices relate to Current World Events?

If so, briefly, what events and how?

4-Do any of these concepts, perspectives or practices relate to your life?

If so, how?


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