Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on political socialization and ideology.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on political socialization and ideology. Based on my responses provided on the PewResearch political typology survey I conducted, I am a solid liberal. This typology reflects my belief in the existence of government and liberalism on a wide range of issues.

The purpose of the Pew typology quiz is to assist one to understand his or her political typology based on a variety of responses provided. The quiz is intended to classify people based on a wide range of their value orientations rather than the simple basis of identifying with a party or their own self-reported political ideology. The quiz format is based on a set of 20 paired statements where the individual gets to select a statement that reflects or is close to their views. The questions are varied on a broad range of political and social issues. Based on the responses provided, the quiz helps to identify an individual’s political typology by categorizing them into one of the politically engaged groups identified by the PewResearch site. Based on my responses to the quiz, I fall under the solid liberal typology along with 14% of the public (PewResearch Center). My typology, based on my responses is a reflection of my strong pro-government stand and liberal beliefs on a broad range of issues.

My demographics do reflect those of the typical person in my typology. The following description matches the demographics of my group. My gender is female, which forms 57% of my typology (PewResearch Center). I identify with the Democrat political party. I am from the Northeast region of America. I am also pursuing a bachelor’s degree currently, which holds with the education level of my typology. I do have a passport and I am a first-generation American.

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