Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the way of nonverbal communication.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the way of nonverbal communication. Psychotherapists, management training professionals, patients, and persons participating in personal growth training programs can benefit immensely if they have knowledge about the nature and the importance of nonverbal communications.

Of all these categories the physical type of nonverbal communication or body language as it is often known as is the most important form of communication. When a person interacts with another person he is continuously sending and receiving wordless signals. His nonverbal behaviour such as the gestures he makes, the way he sits or stands, how he talks, how much eye contact he makes can send strong messages. The way a person looks, listens, reacts and moves tells the person he is interacting with how much attention he is paying and also one can sense trust, disinterest or confusion from these nonverbal signals. From the body language one can make out whether a person is saying something contradictory to what he really thinks. Sometime a body language can convey more vividly a message. For instance, eyes can convey a message more vividly than words. It also complements a message. For instance when a boss follows his words of praise with a pat on the back, it can make more impact than mere words. At times body language can even substitute a message like the nod of head can replace what you have to say when you agree with someone. It can also emphasize a point. For instance the thumping of tables or throwing of things emphasizes that one is agitated. Again there are different ways by which nonverbal communication can be conveyed.&nbsp.&nbsp. The following nonverbal signals and cues can communicate our feelings and interest to others.

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