Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on u.s and mexico border and different aspects.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on u.s and mexico border and different aspects. The area that is interesting is when Antonio H. Hernandez, 41 says that “If you go to the hospital sometimes they won’t take care of you.” The message in the statement above sunk deep into my heart and sadness came to me. The participant’s events here are negative to note and not to be done to fellow humans in modern society. The same events took palace at ABC where illegal immigrants roamed through hospitals without help because they are illegal. My individual stand is that I would offer my services to anybody who needs them regardless of their religion or region of origin. The message here is the satisfaction of the services delivered and that health comes at a cost. It is saddening to listen and understand the trouble they go through in wanting to cross the border. In the “No Place Like Home” text, they cross the border at night, cross the borders without food, and they face harsh treatment from the border officers.

The topic helped me to understand the traditions and worldviews about illegality. From the two sources above, it is evident that the U.S government does not allow illegal immigrants while the conditions of illegal immigrants need their support. The cultural setup of the Mexican people is affected by the use of drugs. They import the bad character to the U.S through the border that does not go well with the state. They leave Mexico because of poverty in search of better lives. The study from the “Border People” reveals much about the border issues between the two countries over the decades. Historically, Britain, France, and Spain are the key players in the Mexico U.S border issue as evident from 1700-1763. The countries contributed to the independence of Mexico in the year 1821. Mexico has been the leading exporter of illegal immigrants to the U.S.

Culture and historical events are the topics of concern and analyses the region and its people. In addition, it goes deeper to explain the formation and protection of the border, and how it affects the people around the borders. the U.S and Mexico.

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